Dare to Dream
With DreamWear

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

When your quality of sleep suffered because of your OSA therapy, you didn’t stay stagnant; you dared to question the status quo and dream of a CPAP mask that makes you feel comfortable every time you put it on. Because you know good enough isn’t good enough.

And so do we.  At Philips, we dare to dream of a future where masks are customized to your face and sleeping habits. Where a good night’s sleep is standard. And where sleep specialists can provide users with lifelong sleeping solutions.

With innovative design and revolutionary technology, we’re changing the face of sleep apnea. Join us. Dare to dream with Philips DreamWear.

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DreamWear masks

Ditch the Hose Nose and sleep in any position you want1-3

Learn more about DreamWear Nasal

DreamWear Nasal

The cushion that rests under your nose. Not on it.4

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DreamWear Gel Pillows

Users reported feeling less discomfort on the face, nose, and nostrils.2

Learn more about DreamWear Pillows

DreamWear Full face

Innovative design prevents red marks, discomfort, and irritation on the nose bridge.4


It's like wearing nothing at all1-3

  • DreamWear comes closest to making users feel like they have nothing on their face during therapy.1-3
  • DreamWear's innovative design prevents red marks, discomfort, and irritation on the nose bridge.4
  • DreamWear users state they didn't need to choose a sleep position when wearing DreamWear.1-3
  • Users felt they experienced more freedom of movement with the DreamWear than their prescribed mask.1-3
DreamWear mask


DreamWear Gel Pillow Mask

Gel Pillows

DreamWear Full face Mask

Full face

Breathe through a soft nasal cushion


Breathe through a soft nasal cushion

Sleep in your favorite position

Freedom to move

Sleep in your favorite position

Clear field of vision

Unobstructed view

Allows a clear field of vision

Custom Fit


Designed for a custom fit

See the rest of the Dream Family

Remarkable ease User-friendly in every possible way

DreamStation CPAP devices

You’re in control Stay motivated, get results.

DreamMapper sleep apnea app
#1 sleep therapy* brand** of choice by sleep physicians (*: CPAP and masks; **: Philips Respironics)

Philips Respironics sleep therapy

At Philips Respironics, we know that good, sound sleep is vitally important at every age – to your work, your play, your physical and emotional well-being. That’s why we design our products to help make treating your sleep apnea easy and comfortable. So you get the kind of sleep you need to help you feel more like yourself every day.

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1. Data analysis at 30 days of use of 2015 Philips sponsored patient preference trial (n=98). Prescribed masks include ResMed Swift FX, ResMed Mirage FX, Philips Wisp, and ResMed AirFit P10.

2. Data analysis at 30 days of use of 2017 Philips sponsored patient preference trial (n=80). Prescribed masks include ResMed Swift FX and AirFit P10, F&P Opus and Pilairo, and Philips Nuance and Nuance Pro.

3. Data analysis of Aug 2017 Patient Preference trial where n = 85 and prescribed masks include ResMed AirFit F10 and F20, Respironics Amara View and F&P Simplus.

4. The design of the mask is such that it does not contact the nasal bridge.

5. Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

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