The sleep apnea mask with no hose nose

DreamWear masks

Ditch the Hose Nose and sleep in any position you want

*Users reported less discomfort on their face, nose and nostrils with the DreamWear Gel Pillows mask versus their prescribed mask. Data analysis at 30 days of use of 2017 Philips sponsored patient preference trial (n=80). Prescribed masks include Resmed Swift FX and P10, F&P Opus and Pilairo, and Philips Nuance and Nuance Pro.”

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DreamWear’s hose on top of the head design gives you exceptional freedom of movement. DreamWear users rated DreamWear more comfortable their their prescribed mask. DreamWear’s innovative design gives you an unobstructed view.

  • Users rate DreamWear more comfortable, more stable, easier to use and more appealing than their prescribed mask.*
  • The hose on the top of the head design and soft and flexible silicone material allows you to sleep in any position, even on your stomach.
  • DreamWear’s innovative design** prevents red marks, discomfort, or irritation on the nose bridge
  • The open-face structure gives you a full field of vision and allows you to wear glasses. Fall asleep with your favorite book or TV show.
  • Three sizes of frames and interchangeable cushions give you a comfortable, custom fit.
  • *2015 User Preference Questionnaire
    **Mask does not directly contact the bridge of the nose
DreamWear mask

DreamWear nasal

DreamWear Gel Pillow Mask

DreamWear gel pillows

Breathe through a soft nasal cushion


Breathe through a soft nasal cushion

Sleep in your favorite position

Freedom to move

Sleep in your favorite position

Clear field of vision

Unobstructed view

Allows a clear field of vision

Custom Fit


Designed for a custom fit


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