Treating sleep apnea helped this athlete win

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Untreated sleep apnea was holding David Plummer back

The path to success for world-class swimmer, David Plummer, was not always straightforward. After David missed the cut in 2012, he knew he would have to train more effectively.

But his sleep apnea was holding him back. David was diagnosed in college, but could never get used to the treatment and quit. In 2015, his wife, who happens to be a physician, convinced him that if he wanted to make the team in 2016, he needed another sleep study. With a confirmed sleep apnea diagnosis, he started using a DreamStation. He adapted well to his treatment and started to see improvements in his sleep and athletic performance.

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“My wife, being a physician, kept pushing me to get my sleep apnea under control.”

Sleep apnea therapy helped David Plummer win

After going through the study, David began using a DreamStation to help with his sleep apnea therapy. He started using it every night at home and taking it with him all over the world when he traveled for swim meets.

His results were immediate. By consistently treating his sleep apnea, David’s performance in the pool improved every day, and he accomplished his major goal - qualifying for the team in 2016.

David credits sleep apnea therapy with propelling his swimming career forward. He achieved the 5th fastest backstroke time as a 30-year-old and won on the world's biggest stage.

“I went off on a series of meets all over the world, and took my CPAP the whole way. I really couldn’t believe what a difference it made.”

Great performance isn’t reserved only for athletes

World-class athletes aren’t the only ones who need to be at the top of their game when they travel. Anytime you’re on the go, you need to be at the top of your game too.

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DreamStation Go is available from a number of retailers.

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Tips to make your trip easier

To perform at your best—whether you’re on the job or on the trip of a lifetime—it’s vitally important to maintain your therapy, every night.

Travel tips for sleep apnea

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DreamStation Go is available from a number of retailers.

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