Sleep therapy accessories

Accessories to optimize your sleep therapy experience.

Dream Family accessories

Our most advanced system deserves our most advanced convenience.

We’ve not only evolved sleep apnea therapy. We’ve evolved the ease of keeping it close by, powered up and neatly stored, anywhere you are.

Universal portable battery pack

PAP battery kit

Our lightest and smallest power pack ever includes an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), so that when the power goes out, your therapy won't be affected.

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Universal portable battery pack

DreamStation travel case

Convenient, compact and discreet to help you stay committed to your therapy wherever you go. The case includes a DreamStation 65W power supply that's smaller than the power supply that came with your sleep therapy device.

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PAP travel briefcase

Travel briefcase with detachable laptop bag

The all-in-one carry-on solution that helps you keep it all together. Neatly stores most PAP therapy systems and humidifiers, a laptop, and other small items.

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Bedside organizer

Bedside organizer

With a weighted flap for hanging from the nightstand or tucking under the mattress, your mask and tubing stay close at hand and out of the way of other bedside necessities.

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To find your accessories, talk to your healthcare provider or contact us.

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Dream Family: The evolution of CPAP therapy.

With its patient-driven design, ingenious innovations, and user-friendly technology that helps put you in control, the Dream Family delivers comfort and ease in treating your sleep apnea.

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