Bedside organizer

Discreet, convenient storage for your PAP accessories.

Between the clock, phone, lamp and a book or two, that’s valuable real estate on your nightstand. Our organizer keeps it clutter-free by keeping your mask and tubing discreetly tucked away.

Whether you use the Dream Family, System One or any Philips Respironics therapy system, our handy bedside organizer is the ideal way to ensure that your accessories are always close at hand, and that your nightstand has room for everything else you need.

  • Weighted flap to hang from nightstand or tuck beneath your mattress
  • Zippered mask and tubing compartment for secure traveling
  • Designed to look right at home in any bedroom

Dream Family: The evolution of CPAP therapy

With its patient-driven design, ingenious innovations, and user-friendly technology that helps put you in control, the Dream Family delivers comfort and ease in treating your sleep apnea.

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