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How to choose a travel CPAP machine

They’re not all created equal

For frequent travelers, a portable PAP machine is smaller, lighter, easier to carry, and more discreet. A portable CPAP machine can fit into your regular carry-on bag, rather than needing a separate carrying case. And new innovations in design and technology have made it possible to experience the same performance with a mini PAP device as a home-based unit. But remember: not all travel PAP machines are the same. Look for machines with quiet operation, comfort therapy settings, and features that are similar to your home device.

Don’t be fooled

When shopping for a travel CPAP machine

Travel PAPs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and additional features. Some may look extremely small, but they require a lot of added components to work like your home system. Here are some other tips to help you find the machine that’s right for you:
Components A device with fewer components requires less time to assemble for use and packs easily into your suitcase.
Weight Traveling light is important. Compare the weight of the PAP machines.
Tubing Since each manufacturer will have different tubing, look for those with smaller tubes that provide ease of packing and more freedom of movement when you sleep.
Added features Look for added features, such as, user friendly touch screen activation, built in USB charging port for cell phones or other devices, leaving outlets available for lamps, alarm clocks, etc.

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Sleep apnea travel accessories

Travel cases

Often, transporting your PAP machine, mask, tubing and power cords can be a disincentive to continuing your therapy when traveling. But there are a variety of case options that make packing and carrying your therapy equipment easier, more accessible and more convenient — including hard-sided cases, carry-on briefcases with over-the-shoulder straps and room for additional accessories, and more.

Bedside organizers

These handy accessories can keep your mask, tubing and wires conveniently and safely tucked away when you’re out and about. They also ensure that everything is close at hand when it’s time to turn in.

Power adapters

Whether to plug into a car’s lighter or attach to a deep cycle marine-type battery, there are a variety of adapters that can keep the power flowing to your therapy device.

Battery packs

Just like the batteries that power your electronic devices, batteries designed for your PAP machine have become smaller and lighter in recent years. So, it’s easier and more convenient to experience uninterrupted therapy during your travels.

CPAP battery packs

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Tips to make your trip easier

To perform at your best—whether you’re on the job or on the trip of a lifetime—it’s vitally important to maintain your therapy, every night.

Travel tips for sleep apnea

Fly through airport security

Air travel poses its own unique challenges for sleep apnea patients. Discover specific tips and advice to make your flight a smoother experience.

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