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What to expect from a sleep apnea test

Following your visit, your doctor will prescribe a sleep study to determine if you are experiencing sleep apnea. The study is a simple, painless procedure that will take place overnight in a sleep lab or in your home, depending on your health history and insurance.

Adhesive sensors will be placed on your scalp, forehead, chin, chest, leg, and index finger to collect information from your brain, heart, lungs, and muscles. Bands may be wrapped around your chest and stomach to measure your breathing. Most people fall asleep and stay asleep without trouble.

A sleep technician will collect this data while you sleep and wake you in the morning. Your doctor will review your results and work with you to develop a treatment plan, if necessary.

Alternatively, portable sleep-testing technology may allow for in-home sleep apnea testing, depending on your health condition and insurance coverage.

A sleep study is the first step to starting treatment. Treating your sleep apnea can lead to a happier, healthier life.

"What to expect with a sleep study"

Sleep studies are simple and painless and results can lead to many benefits.

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