Technology Workshops

Respironics provides a variety of Continuing Education programs for Respiratory Therapists, Case Managers, Sleep Technicians and Nurses. All of the programs below have been approved for continuing education credits. Please contact your local Respironics representative for more information regarding these programs.


Interface and Therapy Options Overview  
Approved by AARC, AAST | 1 CEU
Review the selection and fit of three mask categories: minimal contact or pillow masks, nasal masks, and full face masks. You will learn how to troubleshoot for leaks and comfort and learn how to fit a mask properly.

Advanced Algorithms for Sleep-Disordered Breathing
Approved by AARC, AAST | 1.5 CEUs
Learn about leak and triggering technology, understand the CPAP breathing algorithms (such as AutoEPAP and C-Flex), and identify the breathing algorithms for periodic breathing and respiratory insufficiency.

Titration Guidelines for CPAP, Bilevel, Servo Ventilation and AVAPS
Approved by AARC, AAST | 1.5 CEUs
List the titration goals for OSA management, understand the suggested protocols for titrations, and review the titration process for CPAP, bilevel, servo ventilation and AVAPS.

Portable home oxygen equipment:

Matching the patient to the proper device
Approved by AARC
| 1 CEU
Increase knowledge of portable oxygen equipment options for home oxygen patients, matching portable oxygen equipment to patient needs with emphasis on various types of equipment currently available and options for travel.

Noninvasive ventilation in the home
Approved by AARC, ASNA
 | 1 CEU
Learn to treat chronic respiratory insufficiency with noninvasive ventilation in the home by reviewing current trends, clinical criteria and applications for noninvasive ventilation.

Trilogy ventilator workshop  
Approved by AARC | 2 CEUs
Learn more about the operation of the Trilogy100 and Trilogy200 life support ventilators focusing on circuit options, breath types, modes, alarms, features and troubleshooting.

Approved by AARC | 1 CEU
Learn how to download ventilation data by using DirectView software. Get hands-on experience creating patient files, examining data, and customizing and exporting reports.

A new patient-centered approach for initiating the BiPAP AVAPS
Approved by AARC, AAST
| 1 CEU
Examine an obesity hypoventilation case study from titration to set-up and understand patient challenges to therapy acceptance such as behavior changes, readiness to accept NIV therapy, and strategies to guide the patient through the therapy process.

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