Disease Management and Public Awareness

Respironics provides a variety of Continuing Education programs for Respiratory Therapists, Case Managers, Sleep Technicians and Nurses. All of the programs below have been approved for continuing education credits. Please contact your local Respironics representative for more information regarding these programs.

The ABC’s of OSA
Approved by AARC, AAST, CCMC, ASNA | 1 CEU
Understand the pathology and prevalence of OSA, discuss the consequences for untreated OSA and learn how to recommend appropriate diagnostic and treatment options.

Sleep-Disordered Breathing and Co-morbidities
Approved by AARC, AAST, CCMC, ASNA | 1 CEU
Identify the various forms of sleep-disordered breathing, review current trends in co-morbid conditions and the benefits of treatment.

Clearing the air on secretion management  
Approved by AARC, ASNA
| 1 CEU
Explore the differences between mobilizing and clearing bronchial secretions and learn to provide practical therapy guidance in patients who suffer from chronic conditions affecting the respiratory system.

Pulmonary management of the neuromuscular patient  
Approved by AARC, CCMC, ASNA
| 1 CEU
Evaluate the disease process of neuromuscular patients (particularly ALS) and how it impacts the respiratory system when the patient is both awake and asleep. Understand the importance of maintaining a clear airway and selecting the most appropriate therapy for airway clearance. Review the American Academy of Neurology guidelines for the care of ALS patients throughout the progression of the disease.

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